yeswelder MIG-205DS review

Having a MIG welder in your home workshop is a must for the serious DIYer.

From restoring an old classic to making a radical drift car, or simply fixing the children’s swing set.

I found myself looking for an affordable option. As a professional welder for the last 19 years I know what to look for.

It’s nice to have the best that Miller or Lincoln produce, but for the home hobbyist it’s not always possible.

The latest welders coming from China now are packing some great features, with impressive duty cycles.

Looking for a 200 amp machine I narrowed the list to 7 on the market.

Having looked at the specs, the new to the market and extremely affordable 3 in 1 multi process welder the Yeswelder won by a longshot.

Below is my hands on Yeswelder MIG-205DS review.


What Is Included With The Yeswelder 205DS

  • The IGBT multi-process power source which is rated to 200 amps .
  • 10 foot / 3 meter MIG gun
  • 10 foot / 3 meter electrode holder
  • 10 foot / 3 meter ground clamp
  • Instruction manual with a drive roller for flux core .30 / 0.8mm & .35 /
  • Spare contact tips 1 of each .30 / 0.8mm & .35 / 0.9mm
  • Power cable adapter for 110v to 220v
  • Wire brush / chipping hammer
  • Gas hose With quality brass fittings
  • Thread tape

Is The Yeswelder 205DS For Beginners?

The Yeswelder will make a great first welding machine. The standout feature of the Yeswelder 205DS is the synergic setting of the machine.

This is the newer technology of the welder settings in regards to the amount of volts/amps and wire speed that is needed to give the optimum result.

  1. To set the welder, you enter the type of gas you are using. MIG for Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and MAG for mixed gas (usually) argon (Ar) with 25% CO2.
  2. Then set the material thickness on the welder.
  3. Followed by the wire size type and size.
  4. Once that is done you just use the one knob to do very fine adjustments.

The old technology required a lot of experience to get the welders volts and wire speed set correctly for the weld you were doing.

This gave good results but lacked the machines ability to constantly fine tune the parameters while the person is welding.

Synergic welders give a better weld profile, improved penetration and less spatter.

The Yeswelder 205DS gives you this technology for an excellent price.

For the Yeswelder, I recommend mixed gas with 0.035 / 0.08mm ER70S-6.

The welder has the best range of material thicknesses and is very reliable in wire delivery.

You can easily weld 22 gauge 0.8mm panel steel to ¼ inch 6mm plate.

205DS Yeswelder review

The MIG-205DS Power Source

The welder was packed very well with heavy packing foam material on the front and rear with all the cables to protect the sides of the machine .

The stated weight of the machine is 33 lbs on the internet and in the manual. I can only assume that was the packing weight. I weighed the “machine only” and it is 22 lbs or 10kg.

So it’s nice and light making it super portable.

Case Build Quality

The metal door of the welder is a light gauge but you can’t keep the weight down and have thick steel used everywhere.

The door is attached with some quality plastic hinges and a latch at the top to open and close it.

Yeswelder MIG 205DS control Panel

Welder Control Panel

The different menus and buttons are easy to work out, so if you are learning to weld can use the Yeswelder no problem.

The LED display is a great help for getting the information at a glance. I recommend writing down your favorite settings for the different materials you are using. This makes it easier for the next time.

The controls of the machine are tucked behind a hinged clear panel. This will keep the display from any dust that builds up or sparks but you can still see it.

I like this feature. Welding machines can become covered in dust if you neglect them.

All of the controls feel really nice. The adjustment dial has a tactile feel to it as you turn it for the fine adjustments.

All of the mode selection flat panel selection buttons are of the same high quality.

Yeswelder MIG 205DS wire feeder

Wire Feeder

The wire feeder is made for all metal construction. Not always seen at this price in a machine.

It is tucked behind the case a little bit but it is still easily accessible to either change the wire rollers or adjust the tension.

Yeswelder back panel

Cooling Fan / Power Switch

At the back of the MIG is the gas inlet (MIG) and the fan and power switch. Red light indicates it is on. Nice to have if you are around the other side of the workbench to see if you are ready to weld.

The cooling fan works really well in air movement. It runs constantly. Not because it needs to because of overheating, but to add a temperature switch to turn it on and off again drives up the price.

205DS Multi Process Welder Functions.

The term multi process means that this machine can weld MIG , Stick and TIG

The Yeswelder 205DS comes with the mig gun, the Stick stinger/rod holder and the ground clamp.

MIG / MAG Function

The machine can run both CO2 and mixed gas it is has the drive rollers to use 0.30” / 0.35” solid wire. But the machine has setting for the below wire diameters in its synergic parameters.

0.23” / 0.6mm

0.30” / 0.8mm I suggest this size

0.35” / 0.9mm

Flux Core Welding

The Yeswelder 205DS also can weld with flux cored wire. Either ER71-GS or ER71T-1.

But you are limited to the 0.35” / 0.9mm and .40” / 1.0mm wire diameter. These are the most popular sizes for the 200mm roll and the most cost effective, so that is by no means a negative.

The cable at the front on the machine needs to be plugged into the connection. Your ground will be plugged into the +. This is known as DCEN ( Direct Current Electrode Negative)

TIG Welding with the Yeswelder MIG-205DS Multi Process Welder

The Yeswelder 205DS is a lift TIG. This means you touch the tungsten on to the material and when you lift up slowly the arc is created. You don’t have a foot pedal with a lift TIG.

When you have finished welding you turn the tig torch head over and pull the arc away from the pool. This is called tailing off. All of the affordable multi process welders have this type of TIG function.

You will also need to buy a gas regulator for TIG welding or using the MIG / MAG function.

The DINSE TIG connector plugs into the terminal of the machine. Remember TIG welding makes the earth a positive place. : )

The gas hose from the torch plugs straight into the regulator. You are the one responsible for turning the torches gas on and off.

So just remember to shut the gas off after welding. The YouTube viedo shows you everything about lift TIG.

Stick / MMAW Function DCEP

The 205DS welds in a DC current meaning the arc will be more stable and give better penetration than the old buzz boxes.

It also means you have a greater choice of welding materials and Electrodes / rods. The 205DS MIG welder comes with a 10’ / 3m rod holder.

The welder can easily weld with common welding rods like the 6010, 7018 ranging from:

5/64 / 2.0mm

3/23 / 2.5mm

1/8 / 3.2mm

5/32 / 4.0mm

The machine

The primary thing this welder will be used for is its MIG / MAG function. But it is very handy to be able to use it for ARC / Stick welding.

Because the Yeswelders 205DS power source only weighs in at 22.0 lbs or 10kg, you can easily carry the machine, taking it to the repair site.

By using the stick function of the machine you don’t need to cart the heavy shielding gas bottle. You also have the choice flux core gasless MIG welding.

Yeswelder 205DS Stick welding function

Duty Cycle of the Yeswelder

The duty cycle is the stated manufacturers performance of how long the welder can run at certain amps over a 10 minute period.

The 205DS has class leading duty cycle for its price range. Other MIG  welding machines that are double the cost of the Yeswelder don’t have the same level of duty cycle performance.

Duty Cycle Examples

MIG welding with 110v with the machine set to 160amps / 22 volts you can weld for 6 minutes and then let it cool for 4 minutes.

MIG welding with 220v with the machine set to max at 200 amps / 24.2 volts you can weld for 6 minutes and let the machine cool for 4 minutes.

The Included Accessories

The quality of the included items is surprising. The Yeswelder 205DS uses a euro style fitting and DINSE 35 fittings for the ground and stick .

The MIG Gun

The MIG gun came with a cap over the euro style fitting to protect the small trigger terminals and prevent debris going into the liner.

The gun itself has a feel of quality to it and a positive feel on the trigger. Cheaper triggers tend to have a weak trigger spring that results in you accidentally engaging it and getting flashed.

Trust me, I have done it in the past whilst testing other machines.

Yeswelder 205DS MIG gun

The Electrode Holder

The electrode holder is my preferred style with the lever to clamp and release. It holds the rod well. I used a 3/32 rod in my test and it was very secure.

The cabling is more than adequate for the usage the machine will get. Running it with ⅛ 7018’s will be more than capable.

The Ground Clamp

The earth clamp has the same DINSE 35 and heavy duty cable. The clamp itself has a strong spring in it to give a good earth.

220v Adaptor Plug

If you are running 220v, Yeswelder has included the power adapter with the 50 amp size plug.

The Instructions

The instructions included are more suited to the type of person who likes to figure it out for themselves.

Leave a comment below or hit me up on Reddit if you would like me to do a couple of YouTube videos on setting the machine up.

Wire Rollers, Tips, Gas Hose & Thread tape

The smooth roller with the .30” and .35” was fitted to the machines wire feeder.

A second roller for .35” and .40” for flux core was included in the instruction manual bag along with a .30” and a .35” contact tip.

The gas hose is included in the box with some thread tape.

I have never seen thread tape come with a welder before.

But as we have seen so far, this welder packs so much into the price point.

Wire Brush / Chipping hammer

I would have to say this is the only thing that isn’t great. But that is me being very picky.

I think Yeswelder would be better to throw in another tip of .30 and .35 and not worry about the brush. BUT! I have always hated chipping hammers so that could just be me.

Customer Service

Due to its popularity the Yeswelder 205ds was sold out on Amazon when I went to purchase it. I found the Yeswelder website and purchased it from there.

It arrived 11 days later. I was expecting about a 1 month wait as it was coming from china. ( Normal deliveries take 6 weeks for me)

The staff were very helpful and gave me updates of the delivery via messenger. I found this a lot better than filling up my email folder.

Is The Yeswelder MIG-205DS Worth The Money

I think  Yeswelder MIG-205DS is fantastic value even if it cost $500. The high duty cycle is class leading.

The sturdy metal construction of the wire drive unit or the intuitive synergic function of this MIG welder. I love this little machine.

My YouTube video will be coming very soon.

I would consider buying the welding wire through Yeswelder at the same time, as it is competitively priced.

They packaged all my other items into the 205DS’s box so everything arrived at once.

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